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Jones creek and the darkwoods expedition

March 3 - 4 2000


The journey there

The forest service road 71 trail
The base camp

The darkwoods expedition

Escape at night!


The Conclusion.


Wednesday, March 15, 2000 11:01 PM

Another great chapter is here. This trip is called the Jones creek darkwoods expedition, because of the location and scenery. We have been exploring this area for a while and have always referred to the backwoods (that is places way off the trail) as the darkwoods due to the mysterious nature of the forest and its inhabitants. The forest itself is very quiet, at times too quiet, and even during the brightest afternoons the evergreens and oaks that make up the canopy shun the light and make it quite dark. These areas according to what little information I have gotten were once very busy logging locations and not much else, the ancient logging roads are still back in there but overgrown and not maintained.

I have to admit that there is a presence of some kind back in there deep, it seems like the forest itself is almost watching you but its not overbearing enough to make a 2 mile hike not worth it. I am in the process of contacting the ranger station and some local businesses to see if there is any lore or local legends that might better describe this area but for now I have just my personal observations and photography. This gallery is the first "from the ground up" one I have been able to do after the format change so this will be the template on subsequent galleries of this genre. The formula is as follows:


The story thus far ...

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