The Giant Spider Gallery


Tuesday, August 8, 2000 2:08 PM:

Today a new gallery of the king of spiders The Goliath bird eater hailing from the deep jungles of south America. This is the largest spider in the world. Big and nasty not much to look at frequently considered as one of the ugliest as well. However this spider holds a magic all its own, in a collection of many spiders it certainly stands out for not only its size but also its horrid attitude and quickness. One of the few spiders that can take out a live adult mouse and then ask for more. This spider is definitely not for the weak at heart or beginners but to the experienced arachnoculturist it is divine spiderness!

initial update:

The giant spider gallery is here sort... of admittedly I have not much in the way of content here but massive amounts in Que. To kick off the gallery I have added a small page of one of the most attractive of the big spiders, the green bottle blue. The taxonomy of this spider is undetermined to date but as the data improves I will add updates. This spider features a fiery orange abdomen and blue/green legs with a very deep blue carapace. It is also extremely fast and aggressive the toxicity of this spiders venom is undetermined however popular lore indicates it may be formidable!


Green Bottle Blue Gallery

Goliath Bird Eater (theraphosa leblondi)


General Care of Giant Spiders