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April 7, 2008 9:47

The java applet above promised an update of august 14, 2001 5:45:00 pm, it has been blinking for over 7 years now without an update! has retired, after a few massive system failures, some major life changes and a loss of the original code it was thought to be lost forever. Luckily I recently found the last known full back up of the entire site and am now in the process of replenishing and updating this ancient code so that the genesis of my online life can be returned. The current site that holds the majority of my content that is updated daily is my blog: this web site borrows heavily from the days of gallery content and lots of multimedia, with over 20,000 images and 560 videos it is the most media rich site I have ever journaled on. Sometimes however I do miss the old days of pulling my hair out in notepad trying to make this web site 100% pure hand written code, so when the mood hits, I may update certain areas of this web site in a retro style. Stay tuned! Who knows, maybe one day the deadcast will resurface as a podcast :) one can only hope...

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