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Saturday, April 12, 2008 10:02 AM

IS ONLINE click here


Final Fantasy VII, around here its called smack.

I actually cried, aeris you will not be forgotten, (sob sob) Yikes This place updates quicker than Christmas, uhhh ahhh, been real busy,, at work errr all right I beat final fantasy VII . I have basically become a feeble small little man hooked on that rpg crack that only squaresoft can provide, forgive me. Anyone interested in the final ending or proof thereof should try the following links:

I am currently "working" on IX be back soon......perhaps muwahaha....although my hp is a bit low (dammit shut up ) ohh and by the way Thrill kill is now on the deadcast for a while, enjoy..

hey a deadbear's day tomorrow sounds kool..eer or soon at least.


Monday, January 1, 2001 1:48 AM

Holy shit its the new millennium, I just fell, and almost died - with a 3500.00 Sony mini dv!!


Monday, January 1, 2001 12:00 AM

It begins with the flip of a cyber switch in the control room at the north end of the hanger. Before a bank of computer screens, a man clicks a mouse, and then electricity, quietly sucked off the municipal power grid in Albuquerque, floods into the outer ring of Marx generators. Which is when the Machine takes control. A siren sounds, red lights flash, doors automatically lock. The frogmen and the white and blue jumpsuits clamber over the high bay, down metal steps, and retreat to a copper-coated room behind a foot of cement.

Another switch is flipped, another mouse clicked. To the piercing sound of an alarm, a countdown in the Marx generators ensues, or rather a count up, in kilovolts, comes in a monotone, almost hollow voice beneath the frantic alarm. The man in the control room on a tinny loudspeaker, the Machine speaking through the human.

'Twenty kV...'

'Thirty kV...'

'Forty kV...' 01/01/01 The New Millennia......CONTINUED


Sunday, December 24, 2000 8:55 PM


Merry %$#! Christmas!!!

The Christmas Unreal Tourney is ON!!!...... err off get some you ho's

IP currently :

its over you lose.

Pass: n/a

in fact you now my bitch





All right boys and girls get yer unreal tournament and log in to the unreal Christmas server! This will be running the next week or so complete some cool custom maps and a certain Christmas theme. There will be guest appearances by the deadbear, erc and others, if it becomes necessary to password protect the game, the info will be posted here. The server will be listed in the standard unreal server directory under the name " xmas server" or you can enter the IP above for a direct connection. So come on by and check us out and have a merry fraggy Christmas..

Unreal Tournament technical info:

Playing Unreal Tournament Over a The Internet

Unreal Tournament's networking code is state-of-the-art, optimized and able to cope well with almost every type of Internet connection. Whether you're playing on a 28.8 modem or a T3, you should encounter one of the smoothest online gaming experiences of your life. With more than 1000 servers currently available to play on, and several thousand players online any time of the day, you're almost guaranteed to find a fun game with a decent ping whether you log on at 4 in the afternoon or 5 in the morning.

In this section of the PlanetUnreal UT Guide, we'll show you how to set up and play Unreal Tournament over the 'net faster than you can say "I hacked my .ini file to play with the Xan Kriegor model".

Joining an Online Game

There used to be a time when finding a game online was a long and difficult process requiring arcane browser plugins and knowing where to go to get accurate server listings. These days with the aid of GameSpy or by using server browsers built directly into games themselves, it's faster and easier to find a suitable server and begin playing than ever before.

In Unreal Tournament, the procedure is simple. If you would like to use UT's built in server browser then select the Find Internet Games option from the Multiplayer menu in Unreal Tournament's GUI. The server browser will pop up and you'll be confronted by a wide assortment of tabs, each of which applies to a particular game type or selection criteria. You can also use the News tab to check up on the latest Unreal Tournament patch news and official announcements from Epic Games, and use the Chat option to connect to and talk in IRC chat rooms whilst you organize a game with friends, and even as you play!

When you're ready to start a game select the tab relevant to the type of game you would like to play. For a list of all active advertised Unreal Tournament click on the UT Servers tab. To find only servers which are populated, in your favorites list or of a specific Game Type, just click on the appropriate tab and all servers running games fitting those criteria will be listed. By selecting a server in a list, additional information about it will be displayed in the server browser window, including the player list, their current pings and scores and all of the rules currently being applied to the game. Once you've found a game you'd like to join, either right click on the server name and select Play on This Server, or just double left-click on the name. If you'd like to refresh the server list, re-ping all servers or just ping one, you'll find all those options and more also in the right-click menu.

With Unreal Tournament it is also possible to join a game directly without having to look it up on the master server (if it is listed) by instead entering the server's IP Address or Domain Name into the Open Location dialog which can also be accessed under the Multiplayer menu. Simply copy the address of the server to the clipboard to write it down and then paste or write it into the text field and press OK to begin the connection process.

Despite UT's excellent in-game server browsing features, many advanced players may want to opt for the more sophisticated options available only with a tool such as GameSpy3D, the unlimited-use shareware version of which you can download from FilePlanet here. Registration is $US20 and adds extra features such as SmartSpy which allows you to search for games playing particular maps or modifications without the need to refresh the server list and ping every server on the internet individually, however you'll be under no obligation to pay up.

Once you've downloaded and installed the GameSpy software, you'll need to let it know that you'd like to use it to find servers for Unreal Tournament. Once the program has started up, go into the GameSpy menu and select the Games and Filters... option. You'll shown a dialog box listing all the games GameSpy supports - simply scroll down until you see Unreal Tournament and check the box next to it's name. Once you've shown GameSpy where you have the game installed, click the OK buttons and you'll be returned to the main screen. Here, you'll need to open the Tools menu, take your mouse pointer down to GameSpy Updates and then across to Udpate Master Server List and click. Once this is done, right-click Unreal Tournament in the game list down the side of the left side and choose Update. The server list will not slowly populate with all the Unreal Tournament servers currently available. See GameSpy's Help menu for information on it's advanced server browsing features. "Let's get it on with the killing!"

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