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Lunar Gallery news:

Tuesday, April 25, 2000 11:54 PM

Added a new gallery of a Full Moon February 18 7:00PM-1:30AM with lots of photography and relative information click here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2000 1:21 AM

There is also a lot of lunar black and white photography available at a new gallery called the absence of color gallery.

Monday, April 3, 2000 11:21 PM

Added a small java applet to the bottom to calculate the moon phases. based on an algorithim from the us navy Astronomical Applications Department

Total Lunar Eclipse: 2000 January 20-21:

What a spectacular night! A bright red totality with an ultra clear night made for night photography! I threw this gallery up quick until I get more time to devote to the massive amount of data I Have. Basically I Recorded the entire event on hi8mm digital video with a camcorder and snappied it right of the tapes. I also used a mega slow shutter speed on my Nikon and another digital camera hack to get the results I needed the 35mm black and whites should be in soon so those will be hi res. I was able to get most of the phases from the Earth's umbral shadow, all the way to totality. The pic above was submitted to a NASA contest and The Dr. Sky website my intention was to get a phase chart out quick so the quality is not great. It was a grueling task indeed the temperature was about 22 degrees and a little windy. The Equipment had to be placed outside an hour before to acclimate to the cold temperature otherwise I would have had some major foggy shots! I plan on putting more shots of the phasing and eventual totality and perhaps some video as well so check back soon!

Here are some links for further study:

The table below lists every lunar eclipse from 1999 through 2002. Click on the eclipse Date to see a map and diagram of an eclipse. Click on the Region of Eclipse Visibility to see a detailed description of an eclipse.

Date Eclipse
Geographic Region of
Eclipse Visibility
1999 Jan 31 Penumbral -0.021 - Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific
1999 Jul 28 Partial 0.402 - e Asia, Pacific, Americas
2000 Jan 21 Total 1.330 78m Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa
2000 Jul 16 Total 1.773 108m Asia, Pacific, w Americas
2001 Jan 09 Total 1.195 01h02m e Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia
2001 Jul 05 Partial 0.499 - e Africa, Asia, Aus., Pacific
2001 Dec 30 Penumbral -0.110 - e Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas
2002 May 26 Penumbral -0.283 - e Asia, Aus., Pacific, w Americas
2002 Jun 24 Penumbral -0.788 - S. America, Europe, Africa, c Asia, Aus.
2002 Nov 20 Penumbral -0.222 - Americas, Europe, Africa, e Asia




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