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What a long strange trip its been ...

last update Sunday, March 12, 2000 5:14 AM

This is a gallery I have been wanting to do for a long time. Whenever I go on outings or adventures as we call them, I was always the guy with the camera and annoying as it was to lug a big Nikon or other camera around I think you will agree as the content starts coming in that it was worth it. My travels have taken me through the dense forests of the Yucatan, south Florida everglades, even a long over 100 mile trip out to New Mexico. All of which will be catalogued here with photography, trail maps, and any other relative multimedia. I also plan on linking a message board to this gallery so as to allow discussion on the various areas I have seen and others to. As new multimedia and relative memories are available they will also be added to the new and old galleries.

Jones creek and the darkwoods expedition (NEW)

Kennesaw Mountain One cold foggy day 1999

Amicalola falls trip May 14-17 1995 (the story revealed!)



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