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I began my web presence in 1994 with a very simple text based page on the free user area ( my original concept was a dorky "this is my homepage" my name is and I'm cool sort of a site. It was coded with an editor called hippo. Like all things in computing however software is limiting sometimes and the html language itself was little more than tables and horizontal rules back then. However I grew up with an apple IIc so I was accustomed to doing things in source, and actually enjoyed long hours spent coding in basic it seemed so pure, you wrote proper code you got proper output- you are in charge.

That was my dilemma with hippo and the other budding WYSIWYG editors that supposedly wrote clean html in the background while you used a text editor type of interface, I was driving the tractor but it was plowing my fields. So I began to start reading lots of source books and what little online information that was available from MIT and other standards institutes where the Internet's systems for protocol and language were designed and implemented (sorry algore it was arpanet not you). Upon gaining proper knowledge of the html tag system, I started building sites with notepad and wrote all my code by hand and carefully made sure that I used proper commenting when the code got complicated, it really helps when you are about 3 tables deep and there is a form tag and a script and then ahhh the comment to bring you back to the original concept.

I started building various sites on a centralized theme mostly hacker zines with news on the scene and political and social commentary relative to high end computing. As the webpages grew there was an increasing need for disk space and bandwidth so I had to continually parasitize the free space market such as geocities or tripod. This always presented a problem for me especially back in the old days when people were impressed with a website, a novice computer user might ask for my web url and I would reply: "" about midway through this url I would loose them every time The only solution was to officially register a domain and join the elite. So was born. I chose deadbear because it was an alias I used as a young hack and was a common username of mine, basically as far as the online and bb systems were concerned I was always deadbear so it stuck.


The new idea:

After a few years of the hackerzine "the official nerdpage" I began to thirst for a new format something different. I myself was changing and maturing. Not to mention the lawsuits and several denial of service attacks ( which were returned three fold I assure you, ooops.) For some reasons most crackerz or hackz love to just bug the hell out of each other, I however was growing tired. So I said when this big Y2K happens were gonna go somewhere new. No its not a new millennium nor will it be a new century so if you would like to entertain that 99 year century argument go here and lets talk math. So that was not my intent.

To change the site to suit the masses was the intent and my idea. I had been an avid photographer for a while and always documented my travels and experiences in one way or another, be it through imagery or journals. So the logical conclusion was to bring it to the web, ME. I also have many close friends and relatives who consider themselves amateur photographers as well and are very traveled,so the content is limitless and can only get better. Especially in April when I buy this. So that's my theory bring it on home to the web. Everything, but allow the user to choose how involved they want to get by structuring the site with a few principles:

The launch:

No big fireworks there, just a few small galleries and the main index took the most work. I had to develop a style that was maintainable, fast, and attractive. Although some might disagree I think its to a point now where it is pretty solid. The site only grabbed about 35 or so hits after launch but I never really thought traffic was an accurate indication of content anyway, its all about quality not quantity and no I'm not going there.

The present status:

Daily updates and my goal of a gallery a day til may! I really put a lot of daily work into this site, but I love coding and hacking its in my blood. The interactive features that have been added are explained below:


1 The deadbear forum:

This is a fully functional bb system with message board aspects based on the cgi system developed by ultimate bb. I hope to make this forum an interactive extension of the galleries whereas questions are fielded and opinions expressed. This is a pretty simple interface, once logged in the obvious post, and reply commands allow the user to interact in the forum in real time with immediate updating. Some basic instructions follow:

Registration is only required if you plan to post new topics or reply to existing topics. Registration is free, and you are not required to post your real name. You are required to post your actual e-mail address, however.

Using HTML and/or UBB Code
You may be able to use HTML and/or UBB Code in your posts, if your administrators and moderators have those options turned on for each forum. Some forums may have either HTML or UBB Code turned off, or both turned off. Only your bulletin board's leaders can set this. Every time you post a new note, you will be told whether UBB Code and/or HTML is enabled for that particular forum. If HTML is on, you may use any HTML tags, but please be very careful that you proper HTML syntax. If you do not, your moderator or administrator may have to edit your post. UBB Code is similar to HTML, but offers just a few basic functions, such as hyperlinking, image display, bolding and italizaizing. A complete list of current UBB Codes are listed here.

Moderators control individual forums. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to your forum moderator.

Changing Your Profile
You may easily change any info stored in your registration profile, using the "profile" link located near the top of each page. Simply identify yourself by typing your username and password and all of your profile information will appear on screen. You may change any items, except your username.

Attaching Files
For security reasons, you may not attach files to any posts. You may cut and paste text into your post, however, or use HTML and/or UBB Code (if enabled) to provide hyperlinks to outside documents.

2 deadbear chat:

This a chat system built on the servers cgi bin, so it is real time and allows user chat functionality without ever leaving the domain or server. It is usually monitored by me around 9-11pm and much later on weekends. The two areas presently available are the deadbear gallery chat, and deadbear direct where I am usually lurking. Its a pretty simple interface I recommend using the frames option and refreshing it at 10 seconds faster if it is at capacity. Its not as cool as some of the Java ones but it works cross platform and clean, unlike the Java ones.

3 Add your own link:

I've always hated maintaining others constantly changing links, (plus a links page is so 1998 ) The solution: have a links page that allows the user to add their own links (ahhh CGI) !! Simply fill out the form, when you click the add button you will be automatically returned to this page and your URL should appear. Remember to Reload your browser. This is not maintained or even moderated by the webmaster whatsoever so the validity, content or even legality of the linked sites have not and will not be checked so please use caution when using them. Also anyone wanting to maintain their own links should e-mail the webmaster if they want a link deleted or changed otherwise it will remain until the next format change. As a side note this page is spidered weekly by the search engines that subscribe to this site so unsound linking will also become obvious to the search engine databases eventually as well, there is no better way to achieve worldwide lamerness faster than a broken yahoo link!

4 Guestbook:

Click the add button and your on, follow the fields in the form. This standard cgi script is a one way communication and very aged. A great anonymous way to vent however so it retains some validity.

5 Site info:

This area provides detailed Traffic Information: This server side information is provided as a public resource. This log is generated as per request from a server side software package all information is for information purposes only. The jump menu generates detailed traffic on the server: including hourly,daily,and weekly usage logs. Also Requests made from clients IP are logged and country origin if enabled also. Further and more detailed user information is made available as a public resource here. If anyone has any questions or concerns on the public nature of this information please comment here.

6 Email page:

This is probably the most useful page for communicating with me personally and my affiliates. There is a complete E-mail directory plus an icq pager panel which can be used for direct contact instantly. Also I have provided a link to a messenger service offered by nextel so that I may be text messaged anytime I have my digital phone , and I pretty much sleep with it !

7 Search

This is a very comprehensive site search tool that queries all documents currently on the server. This allows the user to throw wild cards at the server and get response fields based on the text entered. This is probably most useful to the first time user who needs access to content unknown to them.


I believe this answers most of the technical and design questions anyone may have about using this site and its affiliate sites. Just in case you are a novice user here are a few tips on basic hyper text document usage:


  • A hyperlink or anchor tag is the most important aspect of an html document. These are essentially links to other content that is relative to the word or picture that embodies the tag a few examples:
  1. This is a red ball
  2. A red ball is here and is quite interesting.
  • Most hyperlinks tend be underlined and in standard design will be rendered in blue. This site relies heavily on hyperlinks especially when a story is being told, much of the content is enhanced when the user clicks on these links to gain more perspective on the word or sentence.


  • This is a navigational set of hyperlinks used to get immediate access to priority areas of the site. This appears on most pages and is for convenience of the user. The current navbar used at is as follows:
  1. Back to index Chat Site Info Message Boards E-mail Gallery Guestbook Web Cams Who Are You?

Image map

This is the same as a navbar but is graphical in nature and contains words or symbols that when clicked activate other documents or functions. An example of a functional image map:

Drop menu

These are helpful drop menus that provide links quickly in an organized fashion. This form tag is very helpful when someone wants to get right to the content and not search a through a lot of texts or a search engine. An example of a drop menu is below:


Text field

An area where text can be entered by the user and submitted for a response from the server.



This site uses lots of images hence the reason it is deemed a gallery site. In order for the galleries to load faster low quality Thumbnailed versions of the parent image are provided in the tables of the pages. These are image hyperlinks and must be clicked in order to view the full quality image. A few examples follow:


81.58 Kb

91.81 Kb

68.13 Kb

75.66 Kb

The thumbnails provide a preview of the larger image and usually tell the images size so the user can approximate the time of download.




So that's where we are presently with the site, I love showing the world my life through the camera eye and all the cool things around. I hope to bring to the web what I have learned and seen in order to help others. Not just in backpacking, gardening or some other generic interest but through an entertaining format with a sometimes dry sense of humor. I really feel that the majority of people who go online and view sites like this are not interested in being preached,sold or told how much they need my product, but they are here to see a different perspective. I think some of the best sites on the web are probably from a design standpoint very boring but the content they bring to the web keeps you coming back like a good book with a plot twist every chapter.

Philip Greenspun the web demigod and closest thing to a mentor I have is giving away a free lecture here. I highly recommend his web design approach and try to practice much of it with the sites I build personally and commercially. Anyone serious about web publishing with a purpose should definitely check out some of the ideas presented at this site while its available. Any further questions about anything in regards to the site or its server may be submitted here.



The story thus far ...

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