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The deadbear cam has returned!! Watch the deadbear in full hack mode from the new bunker computer loft! This is gonna be a busy week all the sites features are back and optimized! The new bunker is almost completly setup and now the webcams have been unpacked. After some serious java hackery the cam (s) ( eventually there will be 3 and an outoor one) are now fully compatible with all java enabled browsers. The site also is optimized in a few other ways:

  • Virtual java Image cache , a pre download of sorts.
  • faster uploads with constant updates.
  • 15-60 sec refresh bandwidth dependent.
  • only image reloads for smoother refresh.
  • 24/7 access and soon dedicated dsl connection!
  • popup window feature with full scalability so you can hide me easily under other appz.

Extended features:

  • It works sort of like the typical Java refresh craplet, but without all the jumping and flashing, and it doesn't suck up all of your memory.
  • Just the image refreshes - other images, banners, CGIs, Java applets and whatever only have to load once.
  • Opening the remote window turns the main page's refresh function off. This saves bandwidth and makes the remote load more quickly.
  • The remote windows are resizable.
  • The remote window has a "Raise on Refresh" feature that makes it come to the front when it refreshes. The viewer can disable it by clicking on the image. Please leave the "disable" function in it and let your viewers know it's there. A promising career (or relationship) could be ruined by an inopportune refresh.
  • New! The biggest change in this version of the script is it's caching function. The image is preloaded just before it refreshes. I have this one set at 20 seconds. Watch your status bar. Then, when the timer gets to zero, the image reloads almost instantly (trust me on that one). And if your server gets bogged down and the image doesn't completely preload, it will still load just like any other image when it refreshes. Pretty slick!
  • New! The remote window now has a resizing function. Just click on the link and the window will resize to half its size, twice its size or back to normal size.
  • New! fixed the problem with bad links to hitcounters, banners, button links to the "Small Barnyard Animal Top 100", etc. causing the timer to not start. It's now started by a call at the bottom of the page, rather than depending on the "onLoad" event.
  • New! I've also added a version that doesn't have a visible timer as well as copies of the old version, with and without the timer.
  • The nag/splash screen and automatic time-out functions disabled.


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