Wesley Willis


The deadcast presents the wesley willis broadcast!

The deadcast is back and better than ever fully powered with DSL, the stream is now 100% live and supported at the deadcast computer bunker. To celebratethe return of deadcast and internet broadcasting freedom we have decided to do a wesley willis event for "however long it takes". The legendary willis is a true free speech advocate and his music has inspired countless others to perform on the fringe of sanity.

What is a magicus??

Wesley Willis is a schizophrenic street singer who built up a small cult following with his bizarre, three-chord rants about trivial everyday items, music, and people he knows. Willis was discovered singing on the streets of Chicago in the early '90s. For the first part of the decade, several independently released tapes of his songs appeared, eventually followed by indie recordings of his albums. By 1995, he had gained the attention of several well-known musicians, including Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam . Shortly before signing a major label contract with American Records in 1996, Willis was profiled on MTV, which resulted in increased recognition in certain alternative rock circles.

The frightening thing about willis' music is the fact is that it is so disturbing and odd but it really gets a hold of you, like a magicus so to speak. The tempo of the music is the only real change other than the lyrics, wesley claims the demons in his haid (his spelling) make songs more profane than others, and there is a great variance in the explicit nature of the various songs.


  Tour Dates
Thu, October 5, evening
Fri, October 6, evening
Mon, October 9, evening
Kansas City
Tue, October 10, evening
Wed, October 11, 9:00 PM
Thu, October 12, evening
Fri, October 13, evening
Sat, October 14, evening
Sun, October 15, evening
Thu, October 19, evening
Fri, October 20, evening
New York
Sun, October 22, evening
Tue, October 24, evening
Wed, October 25, evening
Thu, October 26, evening
Bowling Green
Fri, October 27, evening
Cleveland Heights
Sat, October 28, evening

Wesley Willis - Discography:

  • Daren Hacker 2000
  • Greatest Hits Vol. 2 1999
  • Black Light Diner 1997
  • Fabian Road Warrior 1996
  • Feel The Power 1996
  • Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die 1996
  • Greatest Hits 1995
  • Flesh And Blood [EP] 1992
  • Single Dead End Street
  • Wesley Willis

sample music:

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago!!

Deadcast it statisfies!!